Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What I ate Tuesday

I started of the day with oatmeal.

I like to start of the day with something that makes me full for a long time, and I have found out that oatmeal makes my stomach happy til at least lunch.
I often start the day with a cup of tea as well, this is strawberry, but it changes after what mood I'm in.

I dont know how much of it I eat, but I normally fill the bowl like this and it's normally enough.

For lunch I got two mini pizzas, one with mozzarella and one pepperoni.
and of course a glass of water.
Wasn't my plan to get this, but I was at the doctor today and I was sad when I left so comfort food it was.

Okay well my dinner I forgot to take a picture of... but I just got pasta with ketchup, so nothing exciting there.

this is me and I'm M
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