Wednesday, 18 November 2015

DIY Wednesday

So I'm taking you guys back about a month, to halloween.

For halloween H and I carved pumpkins.

I made my pumpkin from ideas I pictures I found around the internet.

I started with the mouth since this was the piece I knew would take the longest.

It was a struggle since I couldn't cut through because that would ruin the mouth, but I had to peel the outside, which ended with me cutting myself in the finger.

but in the end I ended up with a face looking like this.

It took sometime but was worthing in the end.

but since the back was boring, I decided to make something there and it had to be writing.
I had a lot of trouble cutting out the letters and some of them aren't perfekt, but in the end I was really happy about the result.

So this was my halloween pumpkin, if you guys made some, let me know please I would love to see more.

This is me and I'm M
and this is the normal page.

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