Saturday, 14 November 2015

Open hearted Saturday

So today's blog post was original about something less serious, but because of the terror yesterday in Paris I'm going to talk about that, and move this week's Open hearted Saturday till next week.

As I'm writing this 120 people were made into stars last night, and still over 80 people are fighting for their lives. That's 200 people... Hopefully the 80 people will make it through this!
But this is 200 families who were affected on close hand. but not only are these families affected, so many more people watched it happened and will be affected for life, and so will their families.

This was planned down to the last detail, they wanted to kill as many people as possible..
I do not get how you can decide to take another person's life, to make a family a member less, give so many people grief.

What happened last night was horrible and should never have happened
 witnesses say the people who did this were trained with weapons, their nationalities are not known to the public yet, but a danish football player who witnessed it, say a man yelled God is great, in arabic.

But we can not let this control us, because then they will win! we can not let them win!
One of the attacks were at a concert hall, and my mother's words were: You're done going to concert.
but I'm not! because I'm not gonna let them win! I'll keep living my life as I have always done.

Should something happen to me, because I choose not to let it control me, I'll be harmed but not in fear. I would rather live my life without fear of something happening and be proven wrong, than living the rest of my life in fear for something that might never happen!

What do you guys think? Am I completely wrong?

This is me and I'm M
and this is the normal page.

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