Friday, 13 November 2015

who am I?

Let's start of simple.

Who am I?

On this blog I'll refer as myself as M
Not because it's a big secret what my real name is, but because it's easier, it's a letter everyone know and everyone know how to pronounce.

I'm studying history at university, and living away from home.
I'm living with another girl, let's call her H.

Some of my best friends is friends I met at the university, let's call them R, S, C and J
- I'm giving them letters to protect them, which also means the letter isn't the first letter in their name.
These people I will probably mention the most.
R is a girl my age, we do a lot of crazy things together and we just have fun when we're not studying.
S is a girl, a year older than me, we study together and we try to set up 'dates' but never seems to work...
C is a boy, a year younger than me, MC is a person whom I trust very much, like I already said we study together.
J is a girl who started the same year as me but decided that she wanted to be a nurse instead, but we still talk a lot and spend lots of time together.

you'll get to know me better as we go, but this is the start of a new beginning.

Oh yeah, I will be posting every day at 2 pm standart UK time.

this is me and I'm M
and this is the normal page of life

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