Saturday, 21 November 2015

Open hearted saturday

How to feel when your flatmate wants to move?

So H wants to move out...

This means I'll have to get a new flatmate, I dont want to move so this is the only solution.

But how to feel about this? is there any right way to handle this, what do you say, how do you react to the feeling coming with news like this?

Just to make things clear, this is only my ideas and my thoughts, I'm not saying this is the right way or the only way. Every person is different.

My first reaction was: What? why? what did I do wrong?

as you can tell, at first I thought I was the problem, even tho I so many times tell myself: not everything is about me.
I still couldn't help thinking I was the reason for her to wanting to move out.
H never gave me time to realize that this was happening, she told me and the owner of our flat at the same time, to say I was chocked is an understatment.

And maybe I didn't react the right way, I pulled away from H and put myself in a boble, avoiding her because I didn't wanted to handle it, I wanted things to be as they were.
Because I thought it was working alright..

But well as time went I realized that maybe it is for the best, we weren't happy as it was.
I see that now.

But now time has come to say what now, how do I move on from here?
well one thing is clear, I need to find a new flatmate, which I guess is a great thing. I get to meet new people and I have to overstep some boundaries as I need to pick one of them to live with.
Insane I know.
But I guess making choices is a part of growing up, and I can't deny that I'm no longer a teenager...

So yeah, I will of course update you when I know more, because as it is, I know as much as you: Nothing.

This is me and I'm M
and this is the normal page

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