Saturday, 5 December 2015

DIY Wednesday

So this weak I have been working on this crochets elephant.
The pattern is in danish, but i should be pretty easy to figure out.

I have been freestyling a little bit when it comes to the size of it, which made it a bit difficult since I had to make a piece exactly a like... but well I think I managed pretty well.
I do not have pictures of the process it selves, but I have midways through.

the yarn I bought in a danish store called Søsterne Grene, it's cotton and I used a whole grey, and very little black.


inside I put pillow stuffing, so it's possible to wash it
- it's possible to buy it in IKEA for not much, i think I payed 24 danish kroner

picture of the finished elephant....

it took me about four to five nights to make it, and when I say nights I mean about two to three hours at most.

The elephant is for my 2 year old nephew for christmas, hopefully he'll like it.

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